Freemuse Newsletter no 2 / 2017

27 March 2017

Freemuse receives Norwegian grant

The Culture Section of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted Freemuse a three-year contract worth NOK 6 million – equivalent to EUR 660,000. The grant is provided for Freemuse’s core work and activities. In 2016, the ministry launched a new strategy for freedom of expression and independent media. In the field of artistic freedom, their strategy pointed at Freemuse’s work and the advisory role Freemuse has towards UN and the position of trust Freemuse has obtained in its work with national UPRs, Universal Periodic Reviews.

Music Freedom Day events in 23 countries: Women’s voices

Music Freedom Day once again took place globally on 3 March with the participation and mobilisation of artists, broadcasters, cultural managers, journalists, activists, creative hubs, organisations and music lovers worldwide. Events took place in 23 countries. The focus for Music Freedom Day 2017 was women’s voices and the need to protect and celebrate the rights of women musicians globally. Women artists from Afghanistan to USA sent their statements of support for Music Freedom Day and solidarity with women who are banned from singing or performing, threatened, attacked or even killed, simply for singing or performing.

Finnish Immigration Service to musician: Find another job

Freemuse has sent a letter to the Finnish Immigration Service regarding the case of a musician who applied for asylum in Finland, only to be turned down under the rationale that he can change his profession once he returns to his home country. The musician, whose identity is known to Freemuse, had been repeatedly harassed, threatened and assaulted in his home country by non-state actors because of his music and fled to Finland as he was fearing for his life after the threats and the attacks against him and his family became increasingly intensified.
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Freemuse joins experts’ meeting in Los Angeles, USA

Freemuse will take part in an experts’ gathering in Los Angles on 13-14 April to discuss the human rights law pertaining to artistic freedom of expression and identify the key threats to artists worldwide. The invitation comes from David Kaye, the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression in collaboration and consultation with the UN Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights. The Rapporteurs are planning to prepare a report that outlines the applicable law, underlines the limits of government restriction on artistic expression and points toward the kind of protections necessary to ensure artistic freedom of expression. The meeting is hosted by a new California-based organisation, the Artistic Freedom Center.

Collaboration with music festival

On Music Freedom Day, Roskilde Festival, Scandinavia’s largest music festival, announced their collaboration with Freemuse on our 2017 focus on women’s rights to perform in public places or even attend concerts. Roskilde Festival supports Freemuse’s fight for equality. A seminar on women and music is planned for May 2017.

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