About Us

Freemuse is an independent international membership organisation advocating for and defending artistic freedom of expression.

We believe that art is not a crime.

Our advocacy work is achieved through campaigns, actions and projects that serve to protect or enhance artistic freedom globally, as well as providing assistance to artists at risk. Since 2012 Freemuse has held Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), providing research and guidance on artistic freedom issues around the world.

We also document and monitor violations on artistic freedom globally, through original reporting, 24/7 media monitoring and via our extended network, culminating in an annual report, released in the beginning of the calendar year, framing the worldwide landscape of violations against artists expressing their artistic freedom.

Freemuse is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark and is registered as a non-profit organisation: CVR/VAT number DK28161921.

Through the years the organisation has received funding from donors such as, Sida, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida, Fritt Ord, CKU, Roskilde Festival Society Association, Sigrid Rausing Trust and others.


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